Services / Practice Areas

L.C. Hull & Co. is prepared to assist you with a variety of legal services. Our attorneys have been practicing law in the Bahamas for over 14 years and our firm is about to recognize a decade of service. Some of our services include:

Real Estate
L.C. Hull & Co. are specialists in conveyancing matters in The Bahamas. Our firm offers a complete service for institutional and individual clients purchasing or selling real property in The Bahamas.

Commencing with the negotiation of an Agreement for Sale, our Firm then examines the title and title documents for property and drafts the requisite Conveyance/Deed and other closing documents.  We are also able to assist clients who may discover defects in the documentary title to their property.  Our Firm works closely with several title insurance companies both in the United States and in the Bahamas.  While title insurance is not mandatory in the Bahamas, it is becoming more common and indeed our Firm encourages our clients to seek this added measure of security and comfort when investing in real property.

Our Firm regularly advices persons with respect to the regulatory approvals and licenses requisite to purchasing property in The Bahamas and we are able to act as Agents in the ultimate building and approval processes.

Our Firm advises on issues related to real property taxesstamp duty, exchange control regulations, Subdivision development and more.

Our affiliate corporate services partner is Hull Corporate Services.

Estate Planning
After years of dedication, work, and sacrifice, clients are concerned to leave a legacy to their loved ones.  We believe that structuring the manner of one’s legacy requires a careful analysis of each client’s desires and goals.  We believe that Estate Planning requires sensitivity and confidentiality.  And we undertake these instructions carefully.

Our Estate Planning Department will advise on the preparation of a Bahamian Will and its utility in an overall Estate Plan.  We work closely with attorneys from other jurisdictions in the Administration of Estates with underlying property in the Bahamas.