Yg Rules for Idols

Each K-Pop group follows the rules set by its companies. While most of them are reasonable, some may go too far and simply be seen unnecessarily. It is a well-known fact that YG Entertainment`s K-pop idols have been banned for a limited time. In 2017, BLACKPINK members revealed on JYP Party People that they had been severely warned by the company. However, in 2016, the former IKON B.I. member jokingly mentioned on You Hee-yeol`s sketchbook that these rules only apply to beginners who don`t make money. This is a rule common to many idols in different companies. The main concern is that if an idol reveals that she is in a relationship, she can lose fans and affect her popularity. However, in January 2019, it was revealed that BLACKPINK member Jennie was dating EXO`s Kai.

While many were happy for both, some people were also hurt by the news. K-pop idols are held to a different level of perfection than other celebrities. Therefore, they go through exhausting hours of training and coaching just to make sure they live up to their idol status. Although things have improved dramatically now, with many idols openly dating and even getting married, this number is still a minority. This privilege is only granted to idols who have established themselves in the K-pop industry. However, this rule is not followed by all companies. Plastic surgery is common in Korea. There are even advertisements in the subway promoting cosmetic procedures. Many idols have also undergone cosmetic surgery, either by their own choice or at the request of the agency. However, BLACKPINK is forbidden to go under the knife because the company wants them to show off their natural beauty.

JYP Entertainment has a firm policy of non-dating for K-pop idols for the first three years of their career. Park Jin-young, the CEO of JYP Entertainment, revealed during the television broadcast of K-Pop Star Concert that the policy was initially five years and has been reduced to three. When TWICE`s Jihyo dated Kang Daniel in 2019, the company happily announced the news as it was already free from the no-dating policy. Although things are changing rapidly, with more and more idols openly dating and even getting married, the most popular idols are still struggling to open up about their love lives due to the anger of fans and the South Korean public. When Black Pink was invited to join Park Jin-young`s “Party People” last year, the members couldn`t hide their excitement as they returned to the bar for the first time in exactly one year. Jennie shared: “Today we broke 2 rules, alcohol and bar”. As soon as she said it was a “historic day” for her, Lisa also revealed: “This is my first time going to a club.” The members of Black Pink shocked Park Jin-young when they mentioned YG`s rules. The girls said: “Our management company bans alcohol, cigarettes, bars and dating. They also ban cosmetic surgeries and tattoos. Different agencies have different standards and rules when it comes to dating. This article looks at the dating rules of the 3 big companies: JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and SM Entertainment. Once the money arrives, the rules become less stringent.

This could be one of the reasons why BLACKPINK`s Jennie`s dating story with EXO`s Kai didn`t become a big deal. Bobby from iKON was also able to marry freely and have a child while continuing his activities within the group. That`s probably why the company was quick to share dating messages from several of their K-pop idols, such as Taeyeon from Girls` Generation and Baekhyun from EXO, Kai from EXO, Heechul from Super Junior and many more. The company didn`t kick Chen out of EXO from the group, though many fans wanted to do so after he put his pregnant girlfriend out of wedlock and married her. The dating ban is often mentioned by YG artists in many TV shows. Last February, iKON Bobby mentioned on MBC “Radio Star”: “Speaking of YG, everyone seems to be as free as family, but in fact it`s very formal.” Afterwards, he also confessed that “according to the rules, there is a ban on meetings and we cannot meet now.” Moreover, Black Pink Jisoo revealed the truth in this program: “During the trainee period, the meal times for female and male trainees are also different.” Agencies want to prevent their idols from burning out to avoid loss of success. Dating rules are strict at YG Entertainment – so much so that Jisoo revealed on “Radio Star” that male and female trainees have different lunch schedules to avoid interactions. Last year, on Radio Star, Black Pink also mentioned YG`s six rules, including the smoking ban, the MCs were surprised when they asked, “Isn`t that too much?”, to which Jisoo explained: “Although it`s taboo, it`s possible if you`re negotiating with the company. Don`t secretly try to break the rules. The enforcement of dating bans for apprentices is widely practiced in the Korean entertainment industry. Several YG artists have announced that their agency is also participating in this preventive measure. During his appearance on MBC`s “Radio Star” last February, iKON`s Bobby explained, “When you say YG, it sounds like a family and very free, but there are a lot of rules.” He added that no dating was part of those rules as an intern. What do you think of these rules? Do you think they are fair? Regardless of whether a dating ban or not, most idols are supposed to follow SM Entertainment`s policy of not getting caught.

Unfortunately, being a K-pop idol can also mean living up to a certain fantasy that puts their privacy to the test.