Wisconsin Towing Laws

779.415(1g)(a)(a) Every motor carrier who holds an authorization to perform vehicle towing services, every authorized motor vehicle salvage dealer and every authorized motor vehicle dealer who performs vehicle towing services or stores a vehicle, if the towing or storage is done on the instruction of a traffic officer or the owner of the vehicle, has, subject to paragraph 1 m (b), a lien on the vehicle for: reasonable towing and storage charges and may detain the vehicle until such charges are paid. If the vehicle is subject to a lien under chap. 342, a towing lien takes precedence only over $100 for a vehicle with a manufacturer`s gross authorized weight of 20,000 pounds or less and $350 for a vehicle with a manufacturer`s authorized gross weight greater than 20,000 pounds, and a storage lien takes precedence only for an amount of $10 per day, but for a total amount not exceeding $600 for a vehicle whose gross weight is the manufacturer. Weight category of 20,000 pounds or less and $25 per day, but for a total amount not exceeding $1,500 for a vehicle with a manufacturer`s gross weight greater than 20,000 pounds. If the value of the vehicle exceeds $750, the lien may be enforced under subsection 779.48(2). If the value of the vehicle does not exceed $750, the lien may be enforced only by sale or garbage disposal in accordance with subsection (2). 779.415(1m)(b) (b) To repossess the vehicle, the lien holder must pay all towing and storage costs that have priority under para. (1g) (a) and all reasonable storage charges incurred after 60 days from the date of taking possession of the vehicle. Failure to notify the principal secured creditor in accordance with paragraph (a) extinguishes, with respect to the principal secured creditor, any lien to which the motor carrier, authorized motor vehicle recovery dealer or authorized motor vehicle dealer would otherwise be entitled under paragraph 1(g). Trans 319 Emergency Rule Information (Towing Vehicles) Disclaimer: The U.S. trailer laws and regulations by state by Trailers.com are not an exhaustive list of laws and regulations and should not be used for reference purposes only and for no other purpose.

Trailers.com is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete information. To report an error, incomplete or incorrect information, please send an email to statelaws@trailers.com. 779,415 liens on towing and storage vehicles. 779.415(2) (2) At least 20 days before the sale or scrapping, that responsibility rests with the person identified in the records of the Department of Transport as the owner of the vehicle and with any person who has a lien in the vehicle under chapter 342 Advanced Vehicle, noting that unless the owner of the vehicle or his representative pays all reasonable towing and storage costs of the vehicle within 20 days, the vehicle is suspended for sale or scrapped. If the proceeds of the sale exceed the costs, the balance will be paid to the chapter holder. 342 has perfected priority privilege and, if not, to the owner, as indicated in Department of Transport records. Letter requesting notice of the National Digital Message Signs Bill “Move Over” – December 2014 779.415(1c)(1c) In this section, “vehicle” has the meaning given in § 29.001 (87). 779.415(1g)(c)(c) Each year on January 1, the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection adjusts the items listed in s. (a) the amounts identified in dollars by the annual change in the Consumer Price Index as defined on page 16.004 (8) (e) 1.

and publishes the adjusted figures. U.S. Department of Justice: Clarification of guidelines for towing companies/towing companies reporting National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) requirements under Anti Car Theft Acts 779.415(1m)(a)(a). Within 30 days after taking possession of a vehicle, every motor carrier, every dealer holding a motor vehicle recovery permit and every licensed motor vehicle dealer must, in accordance with subsection (1g), send a written notice to the owner of the vehicle and to the holder of the priority lien on the vehicle, informing them that they must take steps to obtain the release of the vehicle. Letter to FMCSA in support of wireless tow lights – August 21, 2015 779.415(1g)(b)(b) If the vehicle is towed or stored under the direction of a traffic officer, all personal effects in the vehicle will be returned to the owner of the vehicle in accordance with clause 349.13(5)(b)(2). No additional fee can be imposed on the owner for the removal or release of personal property in the vehicle. Authority to regulate the stopping, stopping or parking of vehicles Release of personal property Exceptions for emergency towing: weight, length and number of vehicles in combination Minimum Standards for Towing and Retrieval Call Lists – Annex G WisDOT Emergency traffic control and emergency scene guidelines Train trainer sessions.